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Nashville’s Top 5 Free Events This March

Nashville’s Top 5 Free Events This March

Nashville has a full calendar of  free events running from January to December each year. Such fullness of events is attributed to the availability of many venues for live events. For example, with over 180 live music venues in Nashville, you cannot miss a concert every day. If you are a fun of festivals, baseball, hockey, football, family outings, cultural events, or even art exhibits, there is something for you in Nashville. Here are Nashville’s top 5 free events this March.

  1. The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show– March 1-4

The Nashville lawn and garden show is held each year in March to mark a day full of live presentation, live gardens, lectures and demonstrations at no cost. It also features a gallery of floral design. It is an ideal deal for the lovers of gardens and lawns. This year’s show will feature Brie Arthur, the author of The Foodscape Revolution for the series of lectures for the day. It will be a day of not only fun, but also learning.

  1. Night Market – March 16th, 5PM-9PM

The Nashville Farmers’ Market plans a Night Market the third Friday of every month. This is a rain or shine event, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. The restaurants and shops stay open late and there are artisans, farmers, and live music. The events are FREE to attend and family-friendly. Beer, cocktails, and wine are available for purchase.

  1. Rome: City and Empire– Feb 23-Mar 28, 2018

The Rome: City and Empire event presents an exhibition of more than 2000 artwork pieces from the British Museum as a way of bringing out the clarity of the ancient civilization. It is an insightful event that hopes to use art to show Romans’ experiences as well as to cultivate an understanding of how the imperial government and its conquests related. Objects from North Africa, Western Europe, and the Middle East serve as a show of how diverse the empire was.

  1. The Evolution pop Culture Community Summit – Mar 9-10, 2018

The summit will feature Robert Townsend, a director, producer and actor. The Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis and MAW Productions will be hosting. During the event, there will be a section on comic book storytelling. Also, there will be a community Summit featuring a section of questions and answers to discuss Black Panther, Meteor Man, African American Heroes, Social and Economic empowerment etc. The event will offer attendees a chance to connect and learn about the growing culture that comprises of minority heroes.

  1. Storytellers –Mar 18, 2018

The Storytellers event aims to bring sponsors, fans and creators together from different parts of the world to share ideas in a bid to grow the entertainment and story industry. More than 50 creators are expected to attend this year’s Storytellers event.

Evidently, Nashville is all packed in terms of exciting and free events that you can attend anytime. All you need to do is establish your interest and look out for Nashville’s calendar of events.