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Buyer’s Agent in A Seller’s Market

Buyer Agent Nashville Chase Leatherwood

Nashville has been sustaining historic economic growth as the place to start and build a lifestyle for all walks of life, from singletons to families. I’ve seen this happening for several years in the local real estate market, and the data confirms it—this is a Seller’s market with high concentrations in East Nashville.

What’s A Seller’s Market?

A seller’s market means that the person selling a property has been put in the position to get multiple, competitive offers. It doesn’t mean you won’t get a great deal on your dream home… but it could be a quick turnaround for closing inspections and signing dates.

I’m Ready To Buy Now.

When you’re ready to buy a home, I am available as your agent – for FREE. Seriously.

Finding a home is a process that happens every day. I walk through the entire process with you, regardless of the situation. We start with what you want most in a home, where you’d like to live in Nashville and start the search process. We’ll find the home of your dreams, on your terms.

Regardless of where you are, we can work showings in to fit your lifestyle. If you’re not available to attend a showing, there may be an open house over the weekend. If relocation to Nashville is in your future for work, technology is on our side! I can set up a virtual tour for you with FaceTime or other video chat and conferencing tools.

Putting In An Offer

So we found you the perfect house. Now is when a lot of Tennessee real estate laws work to our benefit. The Tennessee real estate laws require certain disclosures, inspections, and a title search to close on a property and transfer ownership. I recommend clients who are buying a home to hire their own home inspections.

Uh-oh! There’s Competing Offers

Nashville has a ton of people coming in to live, work, and play at a historically high growth rate. It’s a common real estate story in our city to have competing offers in with yours. While we can’t know exactly what other offers are on the table, our offer can be as bold as you’d like within the limits of your budget.

In the event that the seller’s needs are not met in your offer, they can counter offer. The seller can request for more time until the closing date, an adjustment to the closing costs, or the initial repairs requested from your viewing. If the counter-offer isn’t ideal or beneficial for you as a buyer, you can walk away from the sale.  

They Accept Your Offer

Once you have an accepted offer, it’s time to start negotiating the contract and final offer. Depending on the age and state of the property, it’s normal to request repairs or funds to replace worn out flooring. The best part of this process: you don’t need to be present during negotiations. An added bonus – my real estate services are still free of cost to you.

The offer paperwork and inspections will feel like it’s taking forever… maybe even five-ever. In this time frame, from offer accepted to contract and close, we’re coordinating inspections, repairs, and requests on the seller’s schedule. I am in the loop on this process and can inform you as much as you’d like to be.

Let’s Get Together

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to buy a house, I always available to talk through the up and coming Nashville neighborhoods, from East Nashville to Sylvan Park. You can find me online at or give me a call directly at 615.988.0355.