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2018 Projections For Germantown Nashville Real Estate

2018 Projections For Germantown Nashville Real Estate

In the past, Nashville was known for having high crime rates, which scared investors away. Over the past few years however, the region has recorded significant changes as far as its real estate industry is concerned. Such changes include a rise in the value of homes, as well as an increase in the number of new homes around the region. The reduction in crime rate and the shift in home value have led to the development of diverse types of property and growth of better neighborhoods around Nashville. Germantown is one of the regions in Nashville that has experienced such changes in the real estate profile over the past years. This article provides an overview of some of the 2018 projections for Germantown Nashville real estate.

Growth in the number of residents with family 

Germantown Nashville is located in Tennessee and comprises of eight neighborhoods. With its population of about 39,000 people, the city qualifies to be considered as a medium city. The region has some of the most expensive homes in Tennessee. Such high prices of homes are consistent with the case of real estate in America presently, with Germantown’s homes ranking among the highly valued homes in the whole of America. The city is considerably a white-collar region having the majority of residents here (92.19%) in white-collar employments.  The region is family-friendly and hence, attracts most people with families to live here due to a number of factors. Good school district, low crime rate and the availability of single-family homes are among the factors that are likely to attract many people, especially couples with children, to look for homes and settle in Germantown.

Increase in the number of new homes in Germantown Nashville 

It is an undeniable fact that the real estate industry in Germanton has grown over the past few years. The city has about 14,476 apartments or houses. In addition, it has been termed as one of the neighborhoods in Nashville that has highly priced homes. For example, the cost for a home in Germantown is about $334,322. The majority of the homes here are single-family but large with a high percentage of these homes comprising of four, five, or even more bedrooms. There are other types of homes such as the owner-occupied homes, which consist of four and three bed-roomed apartments. Most houses here were built between the 1970s and 1990s, although there is a considerable shift towards modern housing in the city as evident in the majority of houses that were constructed after 2000. Generally, Germantown has diversity in the types of homes due to the difference in the times they were built. However, considering the growing demand for homes in the area, chances are high that new homes will come up to cater for these needs. This can be traced from the increasing value and prices of homes in Germantown and its neighborhoods.

Higher rate of appreciation in value of homes in Germantown 

The growth experienced in the real estate industry in Germantown has led to the appreciation in the prices and value of homes in the region. Over the last ten years, the homes in this area have been considered to be above average in terms of prices. Rated within the ten years, the cumulative rate of appreciation in the value of homes in Germantown Nashville was 10.56%, which has placed the region at the top in terms of the national rank. Computed annually, such appreciation translates to about 1.01%.

Even though the nation has been experiencing a decrease in the real estate market, the case has been different in Germantown Nashville. The appreciation rates have remained strong with a promising increase in 2018, and the years to come. In comparison to most other communities around, the value of homes in Germantown shows a positive trend in term of appreciation. According to the statistics over the last one year, the appreciation rate of homes in the city has hit 7.5%, making Germantown Nashville rank higher than 80.8% of the towns and cities around. Such a condition has seen the majority of short-term real estate investors make the most out of Germantown’s real estate. This can be attributed to the considerable increase in the appreciation rate per year from 1.01% in the last year to 2.01% in the latest quarter. Such an increase is a sign that the appreciation rate of the value for homes in Germantown will be high in 2018 and the succeeding years.

A rise in the median value and price of homes

The current median value of a home in Germantown Nashville stands at US$ 297,500. Past trends indicate that the area has experienced a significant rise in home values by 1.3% as compared to the past year. In spite of this high value, the projections by Zillow indicate that in 2018, the value will go high to reach a peak of 1.6% and even much higher in the future years. The price increase in Germantown can be attributed to the growing demand for homes in the area. Presently, the median list price of homes in the area stands at US$299,945, with the list price for every square foot being US$207. It is projected that the medium price per square foot for listed homes will increase significantly with the projected increase in demand and shortage of new homes.

Low impact of foreclosures 

Foreclosures have a significant impact in the real estate industry of the United States. Nevertheless, the rate of foreclosures in Germantown Nashville is low at 0.8 homes for every 10,000 homes. Such a rate is relatively lower in comparison to the condition in Washington Metro with a value of 1.7. With respect to the rising value and price of homes in the city, it is highly likely that the foreclosure value will reduce in 2018, with a projected lower impact in the region’s real estate industry.

Evidently, Germantown has experienced significant growth in its real estate industry, which is relative to the case in the whole of Nashville. It is expected that the homes in Germantown will continue to rise in value and price in 2018, and in the future.

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2018 Projections For East Nashville Real Estate

2018 Projections For East Nashville Real Estate

According to the U.S Census Bureau, the Nashville metro statistical area gained more than 36,000 people in 2016. This means that 100 people move to the region every day and that number has now gone up to 200. With such high population growth, the real estate sector is bound to reap the benefits as the demand continues to supersede the supply. Despite the entry of other small cities, Nashville continues to be in the top 10 list of the hottest real estate markets in America.

The growing interest for people to move to Nashville is influenced by many factors such as affordability, high economic and employment growth, plenty of colleges and universities and of course the chance to grow your music careers. Over the last few years, Nashville has grown tremendously in the real estate sector. This means housing prices have continued to go up with over 34% increase over 4 years only. In East Nashville, the region’s most coveted zip code, prices rose to $521,650 for a 2500 square foot house last year and that is just a start. The question however is, is Nashville in a real estate bubble or is the current housing prices sustainable over a long period?

Well, a bubble by definition usually means that something will burst sooner than later. With the strong regional economy, low unemployment rate and increase in wages especially among millenials, it is safe to say that the prices are sustainable. People are also moving to Nashville by truck loads and they find Nashville housing prices to be very affordable as compared to other big cities in the country. Here is the prediction of East Nashville real estate in 2018.

Move to first-time buyer market

Though the 10% appreciation rate has remained steady over a couple of years, 2018 should see that slowing down as investors move from luxury apartments in the upmarket to first-time buyer’s market. End of 2017 saw a lot of town homes and condos coming up to serve the growing number of millenials moving to this region. Unlike other states where renting is cheaper than buying due to the increasing tax rates, Nashville is not affected by that at all and so people will continue to buy homes instead of renting. With the cost of renting an apartment going up by the day to 35% of your income, it is definitely more feasible to buy a house instead. There will be a slight cooling in the rate at which a house is sold but prices are not expected to go down anytime soon. You can expect to see developers moving their businesses to sub-urban locations to build affordable housing for first-time buyers because the cost of land and labor is much cheaper. However, anyone who has a nice house ready to sell will probably sell it at a good markup because of the high demand.

Increased number of homes

Another likely factor that will slow down the pace in Nashville is the increase of homes built this year. 2017 was characterized by major natural disasters and poor political climate which meant that resources had to be directed to other more desperate needs. However, this should change in 2018 as many developers are rushing to catch up with the demand and that will make the prices go steady and stop spiking so fast. Developers from China and Japan are always on the lookout for places they can build new houses and East Nashville hasn’t been left behind. Unfortunately, this increase will affect houses selling for more than $350,000 first so it might take a while for affordable houses to catch up.

Faster sales

Though there is some promise of tax-cuts with the Trump administration, mortgage interest rates seem to be hiking up by the day. There is no telling how far this will go in the foreseeable future especially since the tax reforms are not guaranteed. With that in mind, many people are rushing to buy houses while they can still afford them and before Nashville housing prices reach the level of other cities. 2018 will experience crazy demand for housing as bankruptcy survivors, baby boomers, foreign investors, immigrants and millenials scramble to get a piece of East Nashville.

Millenials anticipated to gain a huge market share

Between paying off their student loans, keeping up with the upbeat lifestyle, starting families and buying the latest cars, millenials have for a long time been out of the game when it came to buying houses. However, mortgage lenders are now being more accommodating to this group as they make up the largest percentage of spenders in America. This group of people who were born after 1980 have also grown up now and their priorities are fast changing as they start having children and looking for security. In 2018, millenials could reach more than 43 percent of home buyers even in higher priced homes originally left to the older generation. Millenials are now earning more money and can afford to buy their dream houses.

Increase in interest rates

Finally the prediction that interest rates will increase is coming true in 2018. The federal reserve has made three slight increases and this is likely to continue. The Mortgage Bankers Association is expecting the interest rate on a 30-year fixed loan to go up to 5% by the end of 2018. This is the highest level of interest rates that we will get since 2011 so people are bound to feel the pinch especially if the tax reforms don’t make the cut.

Stronger economy

Despite the many tragic things that hit the U.S in 2017, the economy has witnessed tremendous growth. Since most people are finding themselves in long-term employment, their confidence to invest in a home will rise and this of course will increase the demand for housing. More and more people can now afford to buy houses even in expensive areas, which means the foreseen bubble is not bursting anytime soon.

The boom being experience in East Nashville right now is not going down in the foreseeable future unless developers start building double the amount of house being built right now. You can expect the rise of prices to settle down slightly by the end of the year but no much change will be seen in this sector.

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Luxury Listings: Top 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold The Week Prior

Recently, prices and value of homes in Nashville have been increasing significantly. Here are the top 3 most expensive homes sold the previous week.

1408 Richland Woods Ln, Brentwood, TN 37027-5 beds 8 baths 8,528 sq ft 

1408 Richland Woods Ln topped the week as the most expensive home sold the week prior. It was sold on 12 March 2018 at a price of $1,775,000. However, according to the recent appraisal, the home’s value stands at $2,150,000. 1408 Richland Woods Ln is a single-family type of a home that was built in 2010. It has a large space to accommodate 4 large vehicles. The home has some of the most wonderful features you can ever find tucked in a great house. For examples, it has a chef’s kitchen, a theater room, an elevator, an up and downstairs master suite. In addition, it features a large space that accommodates several patios and a space for 4 garages alongside a safe room. It is a 5-bedrooms plan with 5 full and 3 half bathrooms. The floor size measures 8,528 square feet and features a hardwood flooring with tiles.

1212 Laurel St APT 902, Nashville, TN 37203 -2 beds 3 baths 1,563 sq ft

One of the most expensive properties sold the previous week is 1212 Laurel St APT 902. It is a luxurious 2-bedroom plan that sits on a 1,563 square feet piece of land. The 1212 Laurel is a home that features a step into what only luxury can describe. The property has an exquisite design to create one of the second largest 2-bedroom plans that is not a penthouse within this region. Having missed the million-sale price by only $125,000, the home was sold on 13th of March 2018 at $875,000. Its value is subject to increase considering the available features, size, and the amenities around. According to Zestimate estimate, the valuation of the house ranges between $1.11m and $1.23m.

1212 Laurel St APT 902 was built in 2014 and it is a condominium. Its cooling is central and has some of the most amazing interior features you can find in any condominium. The house is a 2-bedroom plan with three bathrooms, whereby two of them are full and the other one is half. Its windows are extra-large for complete and effective aeration. With the house’s floor to ceiling windows, you will be glad to enjoy a beautiful view of the downtown. It has an electric heating system, and features a hardwood flooring fitted with tiles. It is fitted with a few appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, dryer, and a dishwasher.

1606A Shackleford Rd, Nashville, TN 37215 -4 beds 6 baths 4,832 sq ft

1606A Shackleford Rd is a 4-bedrooms plan that sits on a 4,832 square feet piece of land. It was sold at $750,000. According to Zestimate, its value ranges between $555,000 and $1,370,000. It offers great value for money with regard to the available space. Its design features a beautiful craft that is highly spacious and open with natural light. 1606A Shackleford Rd is a single-family type of home that was built in 2007 and has an attached garage. It has 4 full and 2 half bathrooms.

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8 Spring Cleaning Tips You Need To Know

8 Spring Cleaning Tips You Need To Know

After the winter hibernation is over, spring brings with it new hope of life. The fresh air, beautiful flowers and green outdoors inspire you to beautify the inside as well. It is time to clean beyond the level of dirt and go deep to get those allergens and dust-mites that have accumulating in your house throughout the year. If you are ready to begin, here are the top spring cleaning tips to help you get going.

  1. Make a plan. Since you want to be thorough, you should start by taking a pen and paper to write down everything that needs to be done. Remember that spring cleaning is all about those places that don’t get cleaned on a daily basis like below the furniture, utility rooms, carpet, walls, windows and even your mattress. Write the plan to tackle one room at a time so that you can finish with every room, lock the door and move on to the next.
  2. Be prepared. You need to prepare yourself mentally, physically and materially before spring cleaning. Gather all your cleaning supplies, let everybody know their role in the cleaning and ask for backup the day before. Ideally, you should get an early start as spring days are short and make sure you take your time even if it means cleaning for a couple of days.
  3. De-clutter. Did you know that a disorganized home can cause depression? Piles and piles of magazines, clothes and other stuff not only make the house look bad and dirty but also dampen your mood. Take everything that you haven’t used for the last six months, except seasonal clothing, and throw it away. Go through your cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and even the basement and get all unnecessary clutter out of your house.
  4. Work from top to bottom. Use the extension hose on your vacuum cleaner or improvise to get rid of those cobwebs and dust on the ceiling and corners of the wall. You can use a clean damp cloth to wipe down all the walls from top to bottom without forgetting to clean windows, blinds and doors. After that you can vacuum the couch, wipe the pictures, electronics and other furniture pieces before vacuuming the floor.
  5. Use a HEPA Vacuum. Of all the products and tools to help you clean, a HEPA vacuum is the best. Not only will it remove dust and dirt but also suck all the allergens, dust-mites and impurities from the air. You can use the vacuum to spring-clean your floors and especially the carpet if you don’t want to hire professionals. The extra attachments also come in handy to clean cobwebs, ceiling fans, furniture and pillows leaving them fresh and spotless.
  6. Use green products. A steam cleaner is one of the best green tools to clean windows, floors, bathrooms and appliances because it only uses hot steam to clean. However, if you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can use products like white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to remove stains, unclog drainages, remove lime scale in sinks and toilets as well as breath life back into your beddings. You have to apply these products early and leave them overnight. The results will be unbelievable.
  7. Clean the HVAC unit. Cleaning everything and forgetting about your air conditioner will be a waste of time. You can start with using a steam cleaner or a vacuum attachment to suck the dust out of the unit when it’s turned off. Make sure you replace the dirty filter with a new one so that you can have fresh and clean air blowing into your home.
  8. Fridge and freezer. Apart from cleaning the inside of your fridge and freezer with a clean cloth and baking soda, you should also clean the condenser coils behind these appliances. Use a long-handled bottle brush or vacuum cleaner attachment to suck up dust, pet hair and lint from the coils that can cause overheating and even malfunctioning of the fridge.

Over and above just rushing to clean up every corner of the house, make sure you take safety precautions to ensure everything goes smoothly. You should also have gloves, mask and a hair net to protect yourself when cleaning.

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6 Top Moving Companies In Nashville 

6 Top Moving Companies In Nashville

Moving can be extremely stressful and tedious especially when you are moving long distance. However, with the right moving company, your work can become so much easier and you get to enjoy moving. If you are looking to join the thousands of people moving to music city to enjoy the southern charm and live entertainment, here is a list of top 6 accredited moving companies in Nashville, Tennessee:

  1. ALL MY SONS Moving and Storage. This family-owned business brings four generations of experience when it comes to moving and storage. Not only do they offer local, long distance and commercial moves, they will also come with all the packing supplies needed to protect your items. ALL MY SONS Moving is made up of professional, skillful and fully equipped moving consultants who will give you that family-friendly care with every service. The full-service company offers both packing and unpacking services while handling your items like their own.
  1. 6th Man Movers. 6th Man Movers offers residential, commercial, local, and long distance moves. The fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company is BBB accredited with an “A” rating. Knowing that movers are the face and core of the company, 6th Man Movers has hired only the best in Nashville. The company prides itself in its professionalism and high level of integrity. Their flat-rate service fee is based on your location and an hourly rate that’s based on your crew size.
  1. Two Men And A Truck. This Nashville moving company has been serving the greater Nashville homes since 1995. The company offers two weeks hands-on training to all their movers before they start work to ensure your items are handled professionally. This licensed, bonded and BBB Accredited moving company with A+ rating spares no cost at all when it comes to ensuring your items’ safety. All their movers are drug-tested, back-ground-checked and their trucks are serviced and treated for pests every month.
  1. Black Tie Moving Services. Black Tie Moving Services is a luxury moving company that has been helping artistes, sport teams and other home owners in Nashville since 2012. The company prides itself in providing the best door to door service with a 24/7 concierge support and $100,000 worth of accidental damage insurance. This high-rated carrier goes above and beyond to give every client the red carpet treatment they deserve, whether you are moving locally or long distance.
  1. The Green Truck Moving & Storage Company. As the name suggests, Green Truck Moving is a company committed to playing their part in environmental sustainability and community service. They have planted over 5,000 trees locally and in other countries. The company provides eco-friendly packing supplies for your move and any other additional service that can make your move easier. It is an accredited company with many years of experience in residential, commercial moving and storage.
  1. Bellhops. Bellhops movers is one of the moving companies that has been on the forefront of integrating technology in their service to make bookings and payments easier for their clients. They have a team of young and talented movers who will make your move extremely easy. Their straight-forward mode of payment ensures that there are no hidden fees and everything is customized to your needs.

With so many great moving companies in Nashville, you can get your free estimate and have your items moved without any pain at all.

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37206 Home Prices & Values

Over the past two years, there has been a significant change in 37206’s real estate industry. Such changes have seen the prices and values of homes here increase from December 2016 going forward. Here is a brief overview of the state of homes in 37206 in terms of price and value.

The value of homes in 37206

Presently, the average value for a home in 37206 is around $323,300. According to past statistics, homes have increased in value by about 7.2% from last year. However, according to the prediction of Zillow, there is a high expectation that there will be a 3.2% rise in the coming year.

The prices of homes in 37206

The prices of homes in 37206 have increased as well. For example, the median list price for a home in 37206 is US$235 for every square foot. In comparison to the neighboring areas, this price is quite high. For instance, Nashville’s list price for a similar home is US$196 per square foot. With respect to the current listing, a home in 37206 has a median price of US$399,900. Nonetheless, the median price for the sold homes stood at US$355,500.

Rent price for homes in 37206

This area has some of the highest priced rental homes in comparison to Nashville. Rental houses and homes here are going for as high as US$1,900, while in Nashville similar homes and houses are going for US$1,600 monthly rent.
Impact of foreclosures on homes’ prices and value

Numerous factors will influence the prices and value of homes in the years to come. One of such factors is foreclosure. For example, out of 10,000 homes in 37206, 0.9 are foreclosed. Such a rate is much lower as compared to the national value of 1.6 and 1.4 in Nashville. The foreclosure process starts with mortgage delinquency. At times, homeowners may fail to meet their mortgage payment obligation, which leads to mortgage delinquency. 37206 has a lower rate or mortgage delinquency (0.7%) considering that the national value stands at 1.6%.

The United States of America has suffered a great deal in the value of homes. Nevertheless, around the year 2007, the country had some of the highest valued homes although the peak value never went past the year 2011. Since the fall in the value of homes in the U.S. in 2011, there has been a consistent decrease of about 20% in the value of homes. Such reduction in homes’ value has had a significant impact on the many homeowners, especially those who had acquired their homes through mortgage plans. A large number of homeowners are experiencing a condition where they are underwater as far as their mortgages are concerned. The implication is that their homes’ worth is much less than what they owe. 37206 has not been left behind as far as the underwater situation is concerned; 8.4% of the homeowners are underwater in the mortgages. This percentage of homeowners underwater in 37206 is higher as compared to the case in Nashville whose percentage stands at 7.0%.

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Closing on a House

Closing On A House Nashville Chase Leatherwood

We’ve made it this far. It’s time to start the closing process on your property.

Buyers, your offer for the home of your dreams has been accepted. Sellers, you’ve accepted the best offer and have started to move. Now, we get the Legal Eagle on board to make sure the bottom line is ready to sign.

I don’t really have an eagle on staff but I do have a list of fees, inspections, and title search that are required by Tennessee State Laws for all real estate transactions.

Escrow & Earnest Money

Earnest money is the lump sum of cash from the buyer to the seller. It’s held in escrow and applied to the closing costs and fees on the property. If the offer is not accepted or falls through, the money is returned to the buyer as the contract was not validated.

Property or Seller’s Disclosures and Inspections

The purpose of a property disclosure in Tennessee is to have the seller share the details of the systems or structure of the house. As a seller’s agent, we’ll go over this document at your listing appointment. Check out the REALTOR pre-listing disclosure form here. If you’re heavily considering a home, we can request the property disclosure and related documents to evaluate it further and prepare a competitive offer.

If the property you’re buying or selling was built before 1978, the house will need to comply with EPA standards for lead-based paint and related hazards.

As a buyer’s agent, I advise my clients to get their own inspections before closing on a property. It allows us to get a second opinion on repairs (needed or completed) and any issues of concern.

Then, depending on the results of the inspections, the purchase agreement may be renegotiated to reflect needed repairs and resulting changes to the closing costs.

Title Search Before Final Closing

In the state of Tennessee, it’s required for a real estate attorney to search for any issues with the deeds of the house in public record. I often work with Rudy Title for all of my closing transactions when I represent you as a seller.

The title search is essential for determining if there are any liens or easements tied to the property and/or home. My title company works through the deeds related to the property.

Signing The Bottom Line

After the inspections and title search are all clean, a date is set for the closing appointment. Typically this occurs at the title company’s office so that the documents can be filed for public record by the real estate attorney.

If you’re unable to attend the closing due to being out of town, we can reschedule the closing. If no other dates are available, we can designate someone as your power of attorney to sign for you.

The title company is also in charge of certifying the funds for the closing. This includes the down payment from the buyer. They will coordinate with you to get the appropriate banking and lender information.

After the signing, we will stay in touch. It’s always a pleasure to keep up with clients as they grow into a home and make it their own. You can always reach me on social media or through my newsletter.

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Lockeland Springs is Nashville’s artisanal paradise—everything there looks hand-crafted, from historic homes to The Idea Hatchery, an incubator for hyperlocal shops. If you’re looking to buy in Lockeland springs, you’re in very good company: homes start around $275,000, and you should definitely expect competition. But there’s an excellent reason why everyone’s itching to get into east Nashville’s gem of a neighborhood. It’s heaven. Here’s six reasons why:


#1. There Really Are Springs

The problem with all those cookie-cutter subdivisions with names like “Pinecrest Ridge” or “River Chase” (okay, one problem) is that even the names mean nothing: Where’s the ridge? Where’s the river? But there is a real, honest-to-God Lockeland Springs… in fact, an entire park, located on the former site of the old Lockeland mansion. The water was once so highly valued for its medicinal properties that they used to bottle and sell it. They don’t anymore, but you can still enjoy the park—not to mention the nearby community garden.


#2. Shelby Park Is Pretty Cool, Too

While plans for redeveloping Lockeland Springs Park are still underway, Shelby Park’s in full flower. There’s a golf course, playgrounds, a dog park, and live performances and movies.

#3. The Annual Holiday Home Tour

Lockeland Springs is a living lesson in architectural history, with authentic styles ranging from Italianate to Queen Anne to 20th Century Craftsman. To celebrate it, the Neighborhood Association celebrates its Holiday Home Tour each December. It’s a great way to see some beautiful homes (and meet people who could be your future neighbors)!


#4. So Very Much Amazing New Retail

Lockeland Springs is about more than its charming past. It’s also home to new food and retail developments. We’ve already mentioned the uber-popular Idea Hatchery… be sure to check out Walden at Eastland and Chapel, home to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Two Ten Jack’s amazing ramen. Over on Fatherland and 11th is The Fatherland District, a fast-growing collection of shops and restaurants that includes The Galena Garlic Company, Konadu Body Care, and the C Williams Writing Studio.


#5. Galleries Galore

Where do we start? Lockeland Springs has creativity in its bones. Try the Plowhouse Artists Coop, Billups Art, and The Art & Invention Gallery for starters. And if you need more than just a feast for the eyes…


#6.It’s Music to Your Ears

This is Nashville! Lockeland Springs is home to Fanny’s House of Music, “Nashville’s most comfortable music store,” home to a great selection of electric and folk instruments. There’s also historic Woodland Studios, currently enjoying a renaissance thanks to Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. If you’re looking for live performances, check out The 5 Spot, The East Room, The Green Room… really, you can’t go wrong here.

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Some home buyers are looking for the perfect house—but most of them prefer a great home that’s ready to move in right now over a “DIY delight.” If you’re a first time sellers and want your house to sell fast, you need to make it a no-brainer: a decision that’s as easy as ordering your favorite pie. Here’s some pro tips for making your home the easiest choice anyone ever made.

#1. Plant Some Flowers

And mow the lawn while you’re at it. You’ve probably spent so much time inside your house that you forget how much that first impression matters. A well-tended lawn sends the message that your home is ready to sell. But remember: if you’re gonna plant ‘em, you better water ‘em. Nothing’s going to undo your hard work faster than planters full of dead, shriveled gardenias.

#2. Keep it Light

Buy some bulbs! You may like keeping the lights low, but buyers like to see what they’re getting. Well-lit homes look cleaner and more attractive… and they show you’ve got nothing to hide. Pro tip: keep it clean.

#3. Timing is Everything

There is such a thing as home-selling season. It typically starts at the end of February, peaks in June, drops off in July and enjoys one last burst in September before going into hibernation for the year.

#4. Sorry, Fido and Fluffy

You love your pets… but the person you’re selling to may not. The last thing you want to do is “explain” all those floor stains, wall scratches, and tufts of pet hair with an apologetic smile and a heartwarming story about how you rescued Scruffy at the pound. It gets worse if a potential buyer has to deal with protective barking. If you’re showing the home while you’re still living there, invest in some doggie and kitty daycare. Buyers will thank you… chances are, so will your pets.

#5. Go For Quick Wins

Fresh paint, clean curtains, and working doorknobs are good improvements to make before you sell your home. But think carefully before you buy a new Wolf stove or Sub-Zero refrigerator. They probably won’t earn back your investment—and, anyway, you won’t be living there. Leave it to the buyer to decide the home’s next big makeover.

#6. Clear Out Your Stuff

Personal things make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. If you’re still living in your home while you sell, one word: declutter. Nobody’s expecting you to sleep on the floors, but ask yourself if you really need all that memorabilia from your fraternity days at Ohio State.

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Nestled along the western shore of the Cumberland River, Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood has been described many ways, all of them attractive: charming, walkable, tree-lined, even boutiquey. One word we’d like to throw into the mix is “delicious.” This neighborhood is home to amazing cuisine! Here’s a few great Germantown restaurants to get you started, ranging from a quick bite to a leisurely night out.

#1. Lulu

From the people who bought you Burger Up, Josephine, and the Frothy Monkey, Lulu is fast-casual dining with flair. The menu includes three different juices, labeled Red, Orange, and Green (they’re all fresh, tasty, and natural). There’s excellent composed grain bowls and salad for the health-conscious—but if you’re not ready to say goodbye to animal protein, enjoy a burger made of Triple L Ranch Beef. And don’t miss the soft-serve ice cream… never mind, you can’t, it’s right next to the door.

#2. Steadfast

This local roaster lives by the three Cs: Coffee, Creativity, and Community. Try Steadfast’s flash-chilled coffee, rested drinks (an espresso and milk concoction that’s allowed to “rest” before serving) and their famous Matchless coffee sodas. But don’t feel like you have to stick to the familiar: folks here are always rethinking the art of coffee.

#3. City House

City House earned a James Beard award for a sleek internationalist take on classic Italian—pork sausage with pho broth, bread gnocchi with rabbit sugo, and delectable pizzas. Word has it they’ve got an amazing Sunday supper, including a southern-style catfish that’s out of this world.

#4 Monell’s in Germantown

Are you looking for a big all-you-can-eat southern dining experience? Monnell’s in Germantown is your stop featuring a 4.8 Google rating. Their dishes include breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus smoked sausage, eggs, biscuit and gravy, skillet fried chicken, fried catfish, stuffed shells, and fried cheese. This place is a destination for both tourist and the locals.

#5. Henrietta Red

Simple elegance is the watchword at Henrietta Red, which offers fine vegan options like cauliflower steak in addition to signature fare like fried oyster sandwiches. In fact, pretty much everything involving oysters is Henrietta Red’s pride and joy.

#6. The Germantown Inn

If you’re thinking about moving to Germantown and want to get a real vibe for the neighborhood, a night or two at the Germantown Inn is not to be missed. This Federal-style two-story home, built in 1865, has been reinvented as a boutique inn. They don’t serve food here—but you’re right in the middle of all the great restaurants, and it’s wonderful to walk home from your meal.