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5 Two-Hour Road Trip Destination Ideas Around Nashville 

5 Two-Hour Road Trip Destination Ideas Around Nashville

It is an undeniable fact that Nashville is one of the best places to be in Tennessee due to its combination of great culture, cuisine, and outdoor activities. It would be a great idea to experience the life around Nashville on a road trip. Check out the following two-hour road trip destination ideas around Nashville.

  1. Huntsville, Alabama

If you are thinking of a perfect escape around Nashville, then Huntsville is a great option. It is only 115 miles to the South of Nashville. It is known as the US Space & Rocket Center. Perhaps, you might have visited this place during your young age but it warrants a trip now that you are all grown up. Huntsville has fun activities for anybody –young and old. It has a large entertainment complex that hosts several bars and restaurants, all which stand in an old high school.

  1. Pinson Mounds, Tennessee

Pinson stands 135 miles to the Southwest of Nashville. Tennessee takes pride in having numerous Native American archeological sites. In spite of this, you will not find any that matches the impression of the Pinson Mounds. It ranks second in the list of the highest mounds in America and houses an information center. Additionally, while here, you will love the cuisine from any of the barbecue restaurants that you will stop by.

  1. Scottsboro, Alabama

Scottsboro is 140 miles southeast of Nashville. It draws a lot of fame from the Unclaimed Baggage Center. The facility houses numerous items lost from airlines from different ends of the country. The collected items if unclaimed, are sorted out, tagged a discounted price, and availed for sale. It is an interesting place where you can find wedding dresses displayed for sale. Just plan to stop by, maybe you can find an item you lost in your flight some time back, or even get the chance to choose a couple of discounted goods.

  1. Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah, originally known as Perkin, came into existence in the 1800s. It will take you only two hours of driving to cover the 136-mile distance between Nashville and the Paducah, northwest side of Nashville. Its fame is attributed to the fact that it was near waterways before it grew economically following the establishment of a railway hub. The area hosts numerous tales of the history of the great town in its William Clark Market House Museum, Tilghman Civil War Museum, River Discovery Center, and the Railroad Museum. However, there is much more to find here than just history –you will love the area’s culture, social and recreation life. Paducah takes pride in a vibrant scene of art and great history. If you love nature, you will find solace and comfort in the walking trails and along the riverfront displaying the elegant view of Ohio River.

  1. Tennessee River Gorge

The Tennessee River Gorge offers a wonderful scenery that weaves nature into an exciting view. The gorge runs 26 miles and winds past the Cumberland Plateau. At the turning point of Tennessee River is the intersection of the gorge and the river. Here there are several outdoor activities for people of all ages. For example, if you love hiking, there is a spot for you at the Tennessee River Gorge. The hiking trail starts from the Signal Point and ends at the Mushroom Rock. You get the chance to engage in a challenging hike for 12 miles with an extraordinary view of the gorge. The access to water and the trails makes it possible for other outdoor activities such as biking, paddling, wildlife viewing, camping, and fishing, among others. The Raccoon Mountain offers a 30-mile section for biking featuring two biking levels; that is beginners and advanced.

Evidently, Nashville and its surroundings offer great ways to spend a day out. Whether you are a lover of outdoor activities or indoor activities, you will not miss a spot or two that interest you on your road trip. You can learn the history of various places, engage in social and club life, or have an overview of Nashville’s nature and wildlife while at the same time having fun. However, as you plan your road trip, factor in accommodation if you are going to stay a night out, and ensure that you get your accommodation early in advance –you do not want to spoil the fun at the end of the day when you find no available rooms.

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