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If you’re thinking about buying a home in one of Nashville’s classic neighborhoods, it helps to know the neighbors and the neighborhood association, no? Don’t wait until the moving van pulls up in front of your East Nashville bungalow… get to know the local neighborhood association before you buy. They can be a great help to buyers like you.


#1. They Really Mean “Good Neighbor”

Many of Nashville’s historic neighborhoods have associations—Lockeland Springs, The Nations, Sylvan Park, and Germantown are just a few—and they all have something in common: they’re made up of people who love the neighborhood they’re living in. Their loyalty doesn’t stop at the property line, and their commitment boosts the value of homes in the area.


#2. They’re Always Looking For New Members

Neighborhood Associations are not the same as Home Owners Associations (HOAs), which are typically responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their communal areas, charge accordingly, and are in a position to enforce rules and covenants. By contrast, a neighborhood association is a voluntary organization that depends on new people willing to get involved. They’re grateful for all the support you can give.


#3. They’re Often the First to Know

Neighborhood associations are made up of the most involved members of the community. Chances are they’ll get an early tip-off about houses that are about to come on the market, and can tell you a lot about the people currently living there.


#4. They Can Lead You to Cool Stuff

When you live in a neighborhood long enough, you know everything about living there: the tastiest item on the menu, the quietest corner of the park, the names of great schoolteachers.


#5. They’re Thinking Ahead

Neighborhood associations are dedicated to creating and maintaining a sense of community identity over the long term. That means they’re highly attuned to changes that can affect your home’s future value: changes in adjacent land use, potential locations for new schools, shops and restaurants moving into the area, public safety, and the condition (and stories) behind classic homes.


#6. They’ll Help You Get Settled

The core group of a neighborhood association is made up of community leaders—restauranteurs, shop owners, religious leaders, law enforcement. These are people who can steer you straight on all the nine thousand things that you’ll have to deal with while you’re getting ready for your move-in, from finding your trash collection day to finding a last-minute babysitter.


#7. They Throw Parties

Several of Nashville’s historic neighborhoods (including Germantown and Lockeland Springs) have holiday tours, an amazing opportunity to see local homes at their finest. Local restaurants will offer free food, and it’s a great opportunity to meet people who just may be your next neighbors.

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