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There are people—very lucky people—who wake up every morning in East Nashville. They might grab coffee at Barista Parlor or the Sky Blue Café before heading out to buy groceries at Bill Martin Food Store on Fatherland or Haulin’ Oats on Woodland. If it’s the weekend, they’ll go hunting for vintage clothes at The Trunk, or seek out something hip and fresh at The Shoppes on Fatherland. As night falls, it’s time for more food, great beverages, and live music. There’s a reason why so many Nashville folks are trying to move east of the Cumberland River. It’s where Nashville never stops happening.


#1. The Nashville Biscuit House

Ask anybody where to find the East End’s best breakfast and they’ll tell the same tale: The Nashville Biscuit House isn’t too fancy on the outside (or on the inside, for that matter)… but it’s the food that counts, and does it ever. Most folks order the Nashvillian (eggs, bacon, and grits), but you can have your biscuits pretty much any way you want.


#2. Barista Parlor

Assuming you haven’t already met your caffeine quota at the Nashville Biscuit House, we proudly present Barista Parlor. The interior is total Nashville cool: a converted auto shop with clean industrial lines. Lots of fresh air (you enter through garage doors), big high ceilings, and delicious coffee. Insider tip: try to grab a spot on the bench out back, and prepare to settle in. Nobody’s going anywhere.


#3. Marché Artisan Foods

Marché Artisan Foods is a Euro-style restaurant that other restaurant people like to sneak over to. It’s a marketplace, too, offering delicious wines, desserts, and all the best of Nashville’s local producers. Don’t expect to get in on the weekends on a whim—still, we promise you, the gruyère cheese grits are worth waiting a lifetime for.


#4. Found Object Records

East Nashville food keeps you going, but East Nashville music keeps you alive. A self-described art-collective, Fond Object Records sells new and used vinyl, offers a line of custom-made clothing, and features East Nashville’s only petting zoo. There’s plenty of live performances, and—weather permitting—they screen movies outside.


#5. The East Nashville Running Club

You’re going to have to work off all that food, and the infamous East Nasty will not let you down. This running club meets at 11th and Holly every Wednesday night, and runs through East Nashville no matter the weather. You’ve got your choice of runs, from three miles to six. A lot of them rehydrate afterwards at the 3 Crow Bar. Don’t forget your reflectors!


#6. Treehouse

No, it’s not an actual treehouse—just an amazing restaurant bar with fantastic appetizers, stylish cocktails, and a relaxed, wood-paneled design that manages to feel funky and modern all at the same time. And, oh yeah, about that treehouse? We lied. There totally is a real one in the backyard.


#7. Mas Tacos Por Favor

Long before it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Mas Tacos Por Favor started life as a food truck, serving authentic Mexico City-style tacos to the late-night bar crowd. Every East Nashvillian knows the procedure: you join the line outside (like as not wrapping around the building), shuffle in, and order through a hatch, straight into the kitchen. Yes, the tacos are that freaking good: try the cactus 7 chorizo, elote (grilled Mexican street corn), fried plantains, and… well, everything. This is East Nashville. If you’re lucky enough to waddle home, the last thing you want to do is rush things.


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