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Lockeland Springs Nashville | 6 Reasons to Love | Chase Leatherwood Realtor


Lockeland Springs is Nashville’s artisanal paradise—everything there looks hand-crafted, from historic homes to The Idea Hatchery, an incubator for hyperlocal shops. If you’re looking to buy in Lockeland Springs in Nashville, you’re in very good company: homes start around $275,000, and you should definitely expect competition. But there’s an excellent reason why everyone’s itching to get into east Nashville’s gem of a neighborhood. It’s heaven. Here’s six reasons why:


#1. There Really Are Springs

The problem with all those cookie-cutter subdivisions with names like “Pinecrest Ridge” or “River Chase” (okay, one problem) is that even the names mean nothing: Where’s the ridge? Where’s the river? But there is a real, honest-to-God Lockeland Springs… in fact, an entire park, located on the former site of the old Lockeland mansion. The water was once so highly valued for its medicinal properties that they used to bottle and sell it. They don’t anymore, but you can still enjoy the park—not to mention the nearby community garden.


#2. Shelby Park Is Pretty Cool, Too

While plans for redeveloping Lockeland Springs Park are still underway, Shelby Park’s in full flower. There’s a golf course, playgrounds, a dog park, and live performances and movies.


#3. The Annual Holiday Home Tour

Lockeland Springs is a living lesson in architectural history, with authentic styles ranging from Italianate to Queen Anne to 20th Century Craftsman. To celebrate it, the Neighborhood Association celebrates its Holiday Home Tour each December. It’s a great way to see some beautiful homes (and meet people who could be your future neighbors)!


#4. So Very Much Amazing New Retail

Lockeland Springs is about more than its charming past. It’s also home to new food and retail developments. We’ve already mentioned the uber-popular Idea Hatchery… be sure to check out Walden at Eastland and Chapel, home to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Two Ten Jack’s amazing ramen. Over on Fatherland and 11th is The Fatherland District, a fast-growing collection of shops and restaurants that includes The Galena Garlic Company, Konadu Body Care, and the C Williams Writing Studio.


#5. Galleries Galore

Where do we start? Lockeland Springs has creativity in its bones. Try the Plowhouse Artists Coop, Billups Art, and The Art & Invention Gallery for starters. And if you need more than just a feast for the eyes…


#6.It’s Music to Your Ears

This is Nashville! Lockeland Springs is home to Fanny’s House of Music, “Nashville’s most comfortable music store,” home to a great selection of electric and folk instruments. There’s also historic Woodland Studios, currently enjoying a renaissance thanks to Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. If you’re looking for live performances, check out The 5 Spot, The East Room, The Green Room… really, you can’t go wrong here.


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